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Lynnwood, WA 98087

Serene Montessori Preschool

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Starting Montessori with Mrs. Judy

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  1. Bring your child to visit the school before the time of admission. At Serene Montessori, the appointment involves only the parents, teacher, and child enrolled. During this time, your child may use the material on the shelves. If your child is more comfortable not participating, that is okay as well. This is a non-threatening way for the child to get used to the environment, before joining a group of other children and separating from the parents. It is also an opportunity for the teachers to observe the child’s personality and interests. The visit allows parents to ask questions about Montessori and Serene Montessori School.

2. Become familiar with the new school. Take time to drive by the school before starting. This allows your child to be familiar with the location and building. This also allows conversation about the new school. Keep your descriptions truthful, clear, and brief.

3. Make your “goodbye” positive and brief on your first day of school. Lengthy farewells create separation anxiety for both child and adult. Convey your confidence with a brief goodbye. “Have a great day! I will be back when school is done” is a simple but adequate statement. 
4. If you feel separation is an issue, you can prepare your child before school begins. Arrange play dates or short classes, where you leave your child with another trusted adult. Always return in a timely matter. Explain to your child that you will be gone for a while, but will return a bit later.

5. Although the parents do not enter the classroom, they can feel reassured that the teachers will do a good job transitioning the children into the classroom.

6. We welcome parents to observe behind our one-way window. However, due to the size of the entry, and the children coming to school, we ask that you drop your child off first. You may return after the children have transitioned to the classroom. It is a good idea to tell the teacher you would like to observe, or to make a future appointment to do so. This assures that there is no more than two people at a time.

7. We ask that you observe quietly and that you do not bring other children with you.

8. Independence and confidence are stressed. Please, do not bring belongings from home. Pacifiers, toys, and food are not permitted.

9. Extra clothing should be kept at school. A bag of labeled clothing should be brought to school on or before the first day.

10. Children must be bathroom trained to attend school. When accidents occur, the child is guided to be as independent as possible in changing into a dry set of clothes. Clothing should be easy for the children to manipulate themselves.

11. The children wear slippers in class. The slippers will remain at school. Simple slippers versus character slippers are best. The children wear slippers because it keeps the floor sanitary. (Much of their work is done on the floor.) It is also comfortable as well as “quiet feet” in the classroom.

12. We will furnish a daily healthy snack.

13. Birthdays will be celebrated and parents may attend that day and furnish a snack.

14. We are a school, not a Day Care. Our philosophy and rules may differ from all day programs. If your child has a nanny, babysitter, or daycare person, it is important that they understand our rules and philosophy. It is a good idea for us to meet them beforehand.

15. This is an exciting time as you prepare for your child’s first weeks of school. Allow you and your child time to transition. Phone calls and emails are always welcome. Judy will always make time for in-person talks when deemed necessary.

16. We follow the Mukilteo School Calendar regarding major holidays and snow closures.