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Serene Montessori Preschool

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A Little About Judy Behen

     Judy Behen is the Founder of Serene Montessori Preschool. Judy has been active in Montessori education since the 70’s. Judy, her husband Bob, and their son received their Montessori certification in the 80’s. Bob and Judy have previously owned Neighborhood Montessori (Lynnwood, WA), Edmonds Montessori (Edmonds, WA) and Snohomish Montessori (Snohomish, WA). Judy holds two Montessori certifications. A variety of teaching experiences have allowed her to be a teacher of interns taking Montessori courses as well as directing staff, working with parents, and being a reading specialist to young children. She has experienced teaching in small and large schools, simple and fancy schools, half-day schools, and full day schools. The vision for Serene Montessori School became very clear. Maria Montessori believed that the first three hours of school were the most beneficial to preschool children. Judy shares this belief and has chosen this time frame instead of an all-day program.     

     Typically, in young children’s settings, the child to teacher ratio is 10:1. At Serene Montessori School, the children-teacher ratio is 5:1. This ratio of 5:1 greatly enhances the time that teachers can spend with individual children. This allows for each child to be addressed daily by two certified, experienced teachers.

     The combination of the 3-hour program and the 1-on-1 attention that the children receive at Serene Montessori adds considerably to the pace and depth of the child’s overall development, socially, emotionally, and academically.

     One thing has remained constant: Judy’s positive belief in children, her love of teaching, and the Montessori Method.